Baby Settling Techniques: Get Your Baby To Sleep Fast With These Super Hacks

By October 21, 2018 Sleep Hacks

Getting your baby prepared fo sleep is very important. Just as us older adults appreciate a good wind down, so do our little ones. Here are the most effective ways to calm your baby down and prepare them for sleep.

Swaddle Your Baby

(babies under 4 months)

A tight swaddle replicates the environment your baby was used to in the womb. It is important to swaddle them each time they sleep. It helps to ensure your baby settles easier and sleeps longer.

We recommend the following swaddles:

  • Miracle Blanket
  • Love to Dream Swaddle
  • Ergo Cocoon
  • Mum 2 Mum Swaddle

(babies under 4 months)

  1. Place your baby in their bed, swaddled.
  2. Roll baby on their side, supporting them with your hands.
  3. Gently, but firmly pat your baby’s bottom in a rhythmic manner.
    1. The motion should be an upward shunting motion.
    2. The speed should be around 3 taps per second.
    3. Maintain the rhythm
  4. Continue to pat for a couple of minutes after your baby falls asleep.
    1. Stop patting and gently rock bassinet if needed.
  5. Roll baby onto their back to continue sleeping.
Use Ambient Background Noise

Your baby isn’t used to being in a silent room – it gets pretty loud in the womb! Playing some of our organic lullabies will help your baby feel at home, making them more relaxed and ready for sleep.

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Darken The Room

Putting a baby in a dark room is very calming for them. The smallest bit of light can disrupt your baby’s sleep.

It is recommended to get some blackout curtains to ensure most (if not all) light is blocked out. Light is a quick way to over-stimulate your baby.

Shake It Up!

If your baby can’t settle down or is over-stimulated and they need help dozing off, movement is a really effective tool. They are used to lots of movement in the womb, so replicating this is a great way to make them feel at ease.

This explains why many babies love to sleep in the stroller or car. Using a rocking bassinet, baby hammock or even a baby swing are effective ways to use movement to settle your baby.

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