Napping For Babies: Explained

By October 22, 2018 Sleep Hacks

Mastering The Nap

Something many new parents forget is that ‘napping’ and ‘nighttime’ sleep are directly related. Too much of one will make the other a headache.

The most common reason parents have issues putting their babies to sleep at night is the mismanagement of nap timing. In other words, if your baby naps for too long during the day, it will affect their ability to settle and sleep longer at night… literally because they’re not tired enough.

On the flipside, if they don’t get enough daytime sleep, they will quickly become overtired. An overtired baby has a difficult time settling due to stress – so it’s important that you help regulate nap times for your baby.

Here’s the amount of daytime sleep babies need (by age) in order to allow for 12 hours of sleep at night:

1-2 weeks: 5 ½ hours

2-4 weeks: 5 hours

4-6 weeks: 4 ¾ hours

6-8 weeks: 4 hours

8-12 weeks: 3 ½ hours

3-6 months: 3 hours

6-9 months: 2 ½ hours

9-12 months: 2 – 2 ½ hours

Tips for day sleeps:

  1. Put your baby in their own bassinet.
  2. Use our organic alternative to baby lullaby music Click here to download.
  3. Blackout room
  4. It is sometimes helpful to wake your baby from their naps so they don’t sleep for too long or miss any feeds.

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