Why Your Baby Won’t Sleep: They’re Too Tired

By October 22, 2018 Sleep Hacks

That’s right – your baby can become irritated and even delirious when they are the slightest bit sleep-deprived (especially newborn babies). They then become very easily overstimulated by their environment, and have a difficult time coming to grips with being tired… they fight their sleep.

If you’re not having any success with your baby settling techniques, and it’s been over 2 hours since they last woke, they’re probably overtired.

Babies have a slim sleep window in which they’ll fall asleep fast and sleep well. Anything outside of that and they’re either not tired enough and are fighting sleep or they’re overtired and are fighting sleep!

Here’s how to treat overtiredness in babies:

  • Control the environment – low light, low speaking voices, and soothing music or white noise.
  • Last resort – try taking them for a drive or a walk in the stroller with a dark cover over the car seat/stroller.

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