The Lullaby. Reimagined.

Encourage elongated periods of restful sleep and accelerated brain-development in infants using our original lullabies, made with natural instruments and organic sounds of the Earth.*


Millions of parents are already catching on.

Finally. A lullaby for the mind.

We craft organic, proprietary alternatives to traditional lullabies, using just the raw materialsMother Nature & acoustic instruments.

Introduce your child to the vast ecosystems of nature while they sleep. Prepare them for the world ahead – in the purest way.

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Stream anywhere, any time, on any device.

Promote quality sleep and accelerated cognitive function in your baby’s mind when playing pieces from our premium collection of original lullabies. Featuring natural acoustic instrumentation, and soothing soundscapes from around the planet.

Available digitally only.

Enhanced with VerbSpace™ technology – a proprietary processing chain which makes each track feel like it’s turning into a dream as it nears the end.
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8 hours of audio

8 lullabies included (1 hour each). Play individually to help induce sleep, or play all together for the full experience. It is recommended to start playing 15 minutes before desired bedtime.